The two-echelon location-routing problem with time windows: Formulation, branch-and-price, and clustering

In this study, we consider the two-echelon location-routing problem with time windows (2E-LRPTW) to address the strategic and tactical decisions of the urban freight transportation. In the rst echelon, freights are delivered from city distribution centers (CDCs) to intermediate facilities, called satellites, in large batches. In the second echelon, goods are consolidated into smaller vehicles … Read more

Heuristic Methods for The Capacitated Stochastic Lot-Sizing Problem Under The Static-Dynamic Uncertainty Strategy

We consider a lot-sizing problem in a single-item single-stage production system facing non-stationary stochastic demand in a nite planning horizon. Motivated by practice, the set-up times need to be deter- mined and frozen once and for all at the beginning of the horizon while decisions on the exact lot sizes can be deferred until the … Read more


A generalized Weiszfeld method is proposed for the multi–facility location problem. The problem is relaxed using probabilistic assignments, and is decomposed into single facility location problems, that are coupled by these assignments, and can be solved in parallel. The probabilistic assignments are updated at each iteration, using the distances to the current centers. The method … Read more