Lifted Inequalities for 0−1 Mixed-Integer Bilinear Covering Sets

In this paper, we study 0-1 mixed-integer bilinear covering sets. We derive several families of facet-defining inequalities via sequence-independent lifting techniques. We then show that these sets have polyhedral structures that are similar to those of certain fixed-charge single-node flow sets. As a result, we obtain new facet-defining inequalities for these sets that generalize well-known … Read more

Strong Valid Inequalities for Orthogonal Disjunctions and Bilinear Covering Sets

In this paper, we develop a convexification tool that enables the construction of convex hulls for orthogonal disjunctive sets using convex extensions and disjunctive programming techniques. A distinguishing feature of our technique is that, unlike most applications of disjunctive programming, it does not require the introduction of new variables in the relaxation. We develop and … Read more