Hybrid Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms forStochastic Nonconvex Optimization

We introduce a hybrid stochastic estimator to design stochastic gradient algorithms for solving stochastic optimization problems. Such a hybrid estimator is a convex combination of two existing biased and unbiased estimators and leads to some useful property on its variance. We limit our consideration to a hybrid SARAH-SGD for nonconvex expectation problems. However, our idea … Read more

ProxSARAH: An Efficient Algorithmic Framework for Stochastic Composite Nonconvex Optimization

We propose a new stochastic first-order algorithmic framework to solve stochastic composite nonconvex optimization problems that covers both finite-sum and expectation settings. Our algorithms rely on the SARAH estimator introduced in (Nguyen et al., 2017a) and consist of two steps: a proximal gradient and an averaging step making them different from existing nonconvex proximal-type algorithms. … Read more