The Meal Delivery Routing Problem

We introduce the Meal Delivery Routing Problem (MDRP) to formalize and study an important emerging class of dynamic delivery operations. We develop optimization-based algorithms tailored to solve the courier assignment (dynamic vehicle routing) and capacity management (offline shift scheduling) problems encountered in meal delivery operations. Extensive computational experiments using instances with realistic size, geography, urgency … Read more

Complexity of Routing Problems with Release Dates and Deadlines

The desire of companies to offer same-day delivery leads to interesting new routing problems. We study the complexity of a setting in which a delivery to a customer is guaranteed to take place within a pre-specified time after the customer places the order. Thus, an order has a release date (when the order is placed) … Read more

Vehicle Routing with Roaming Delivery Locations

We propose the vehicle routing problem with roaming delivery locations (VRPRDL) to model an innovation in last-mile delivery where a customer’s order is delivered to the trunk of his car. We develop construction and improvement heuristics for the VRPRDL based on two problem-specific techniques: (1) efficiently optimizing the delivery locations for a fixed customer delivery … Read more