An improved projection and rescaling algorithm for conic feasibility problems

Motivated by Chubanov’s projection-based method for linear feasibility problems [Chubanov2015], a projection and rescaling algorithm for the conic feasibility problem \[ find \; x\in L\bigcap \Omega \] is proposed in [Pena2016], where $L$ and $\Omega$ are respectively a linear subspace and the interior of a symmetric cone in a finitely dimensional vector space $V$. When … Read more

Using Nemirovski’s Mirror-Prox method as Basic Procedure in Chubanov’s method for solving homogeneous feasibility problems

We introduce a new variant of Chubanov’s method for solving linear homogeneous systems with positive variables. In the \BP\ we use a recently introduced cut in combination with Nemirovski’s Mirror-Prox method. We show that the cut requires at most $O(n^3)$ time, just as Chabonov’s cut. In an earlier paper it was shown that the new … Read more