Compact Integer Linear Programming Formulations for the Temporal Bin Packing Problem with Fire-Ups

In this article we examine a specific version of the temporal bin packing problem (TBPP) that occurs in job-to-server scheduling. The TBPP represents a generalization of the well-known bin packing problem (BPP) with respect to an additional time dimension, and it requires to find the minimum number of bins (servers) to accommodate a given list … Read more

Mathematical Models and Approximate Solution Approaches for the Stochastic Bin Packing Problem

We consider the (single-stage) stochastic bin packing problem (SBPP) which is based on a given list of items the sizes of which are represented by stochastically independent random variables. The SBPP requires to determine the minimum number of unit capacity bins needed to pack all the items, such that for each bin the probability of … Read more