Hybridizing VNS and path-relinking on a particle swarm framework to minimize total flowtime

This paper presents a new hybridization of VNS and path-relinking on a particle swarm framework for the permutational fowshop scheduling problem with total flowtime criterion. The operators of the proposed particle swarm are based on path-relinking and variable neighborhood search methods. The performance of the new approach was tested on the bechmark suit of Taillard, … Read more

Food Regulated Pareto Multi-Species: a new ACO Approach for the Multi-objective Shortest Path Problem

The use of metaheuristics in Multi-objective Combinatorial Optimization, particularly Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), has grown recently. This paper proposes an approach where multi-species ants compete for food resources. Each species has its own search strategy and do not access pheromone information of other species. As in nature, successful ant populations are allowed to grow, whereas … Read more

New VNS heuristic for Total Flowtime Flowshop Scheduling Problem

This paper develops a new VNS approach to Permutational Flow shop Scheduling Problem with Total Flow time criterion. There are many hybrid approaches inthe problem’s literature, that make use of VNS internally, usually applying job insert neighbourhood followed by job interchange neighbourhood. In this study different ways to combine both neighbourhoods were examined. All tests … Read more