The Selective Traveling Salesman Problem with Draught Limits

This paper introduces the Selective Traveling Salesman Problem with Draught Limits, an extension of Traveling Salesman Problem with Draught Limits, wherein the goal is to design maximal profit tour respecting draught limit constraints of the visited ports. We propose a mixed integer linear programming formulation for this problem. The proposed mixed integer program is used … Read more

New VNS heuristic for Total Flowtime Flowshop Scheduling Problem

This paper develops a new VNS approach to Permutational Flow shop Scheduling Problem with Total Flow time criterion. There are many hybrid approaches inthe problem’s literature, that make use of VNS internally, usually applying job insert neighbourhood followed by job interchange neighbourhood. In this study different ways to combine both neighbourhoods were examined. All tests … Read more

Scheduling Workover Rigs for Onshore Oil Production

Many oil wells in Brazilian onshore fields rely on artificial lift methods. Maintenance services such as cleaning, reinstatement, stimulation and others are essential to these wells. These services are performed by workover rigs, which are avaliable on a limited number with respect to the number of wells demanding service. The decision of which workover rig … Read more