Multistage stochastic programs with the entropic risk measure

Over the last two decades, coherent risk measures have been well studied as a principled, axiomatic way to measure the risk of a random variable. Because of this axiomatic approach, coherent risk measures have a number of attractive features for computation, and they have been integrated into a variety of stochastic programming algorithms, including stochastic … Read more

MathOptInterface: a data structure for mathematical optimization problems

JuMP is an open-source algebraic modeling language in the Julia language. In this work, we discuss a complete re-write of JuMP based on a novel abstract data structure, which we call \textit{MathOptInterface}, for representing instances of mathematical optimization problems. MathOptInterface is significantly more general than existing data structures in the literature, encompassing, for example, a … Read more

Partially observable multistage stochastic programming

We propose a class of partially observable multistage stochastic programs and describe an algorithm for solving this class of problems. We provide a Bayesian update of a belief-state vector, extend the stochastic programming formulation to incorporate the belief state, and characterize saddle-function properties of the corresponding cost-to-go function. Our algorithm is a derivative of the … Read more

The policy graph decomposition of multistage stochastic optimization problems

We propose the policy graph as a way of formulating multistage stochastic optimization problems. We also propose an extension to the stochastic dual dynamic programming algorithm to solve a class of problems formulated as a policy graph. This class includes discrete-time, infinite horizon, multistage stochastic optimization problems with continuous state and control variables. Article Download … Read more

Stochastic dual dynamic programming with stagewise dependent objective uncertainty

We present a new algorithm for solving linear multistage stochastic programming problems with objective function coefficients modeled as a stochastic process. This algorithm overcomes the difficulties of existing methods which require discretization. Using an argument based on the finiteness of the set of possible cuts, we prove that the algorithm converges almost surely. Finally, we … Read more

SDDP.jl: a Julia package for Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming

In this paper we present SDDP.jl, an open-source library for solving multistage stochastic optimization problems using the Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming algorithm. SDDP.jl is built upon JuMP, an algebraic modelling language in Julia. This enables a high-level interface for the user, while simultaneously providing performance that is similar to implementations in low-level languages. We benchmark … Read more