Characterizations of explicitly quasiconvex vector functions w.r.t. polyhedral cones

The aim of this paper is to present new characterizations of explicitly cone-quasiconvex vector functions with respect to a polyhedral cone of a finite-dimensional Euclidean space. These characterizations are given in terms of classical explicit quasiconvexity of certain real-valued functions, defined by composing the vector-valued function with appropriate scalarization functions, namely the extreme directions of … Read more

New algorithms for discrete vector optimization based on the Graef-Younes method and cone-monotone sorting functions

The well-known Jahn-Graef-Younes algorithm, proposed by Jahn in 2006, generates all minimal elements of a finite set with respect to an ordering cone. It consists of two Graef-Younes procedures, namely the forward iteration, which eliminates a part of the non-minimal elements, followed by the backward iteration, which is applied to the reduced set generated by … Read more

A new algorithm for solving planar multiobjective location problems involving the Manhattan norm

This paper is devoted to the study of unconstrained planar multiobjective location problems, where distances between points are defined by means of the Manhattan norm. By identifying all nonessential objectives, we develop an effective algorithm for generating the whole set of efficient solutions. We prove the correctness of this algorithm and present some computational results, … Read more