An inexact scalarized proximal algorithm with quasi- distance for convex and quasiconvex multi-objective minimization

In the paper of Rocha et al., J Optim Theory Appl (2016) 171:964979, the authors introduced a proximal point algorithm with quasi-distances to solve unconstrained convex multi-objective minimization problems. They proved that all accumulation points are ecient solutions of the problem. In this pa- per we analyze an inexact proximal point algorithm to solve convex … Read more

A proximal technique for computing the Karcher mean of symmetric positive definite matrices

This paper presents a proximal point approach for computing the Riemannian or intrinsic Karcher mean of symmetric positive definite matrices. Our method derives from proximal point algorithm with Schur decomposition developed to compute minimum points of convex functions on symmetric positive definite matrices set when it is seen as a Hadamard manifold. The main idea … Read more

A Logarithmic-Quadratic Proximal Point Scalarization Method for Multiobjective Programming

We present a proximal point method to solve multiobjective problems based on the scalarization for maps. We build a family of a convex scalar strict representation of a convex map F with respect to the lexicographic order on Rm and we add a variant of the logarithmquadratic regularization of Auslender, where the unconstrained variables in … Read more