Airport Capacity Extension, Fleet Investment, and Optimal Aircraft Scheduling in a Multi-Level Market Model: On the Effects of Market Regulations

In this paper we present a four-level market model that accounts for airport capacity extension, fleet investment, aircraft scheduling, and ticket trade in a liberalized aviation market with independent decision makers. In particular, budget-constrained airports decide on the first level on their optimal runway capacity extension and on a corresponding airport charge. Airports anticipate optimal … Read more

Optimal Storage and Transmission Investments in a Bilevel Electricity Market Model

This paper analyzes the interplay of transmission and storage investments in a multistage game that we translate into a bilevel market model. In particular, on the first level we assume that a transmission system operator chooses an optimal line investment and a corresponding optimal network fee. On the second level we model competitive firms that … Read more

On the Effects of Storage Facilities on Optimal Zonal Pricing in Electricity Markets

This paper analyzes the effects of storage facilities on optimal zonal pricing in competitive electricity markets. In particular, we propose a zonal pricing model that comprises consumers, producers, and storage facilities on a network with constrained transmission capacities. In its two limit cases, our zonal pricing model includes the reference nodal pricing model as well … Read more