Optimal control of leukemic cell population dynamics

We are interested in optimizing the co-administration of two drugs for some acute myeloid leukemias (AML), and we are looking for in vitro protocols as a first step. This issue can be formulated as an optimal control problem. The dynamics of leukemic cell populations in culture is given by age-structured partial differential equations, which can … Read more

Second-order necessary conditions in Pontryagin form for optimal control problems

In this report, we state and prove first- and second-order necessary conditions in Pontryagin form for optimal control problems with pure state and mixed control-state constraints. We say that a Lagrange multiplier of an optimal control problem is a Pontryagin multiplier if it is such that Pontryagin’s minimum principle holds, and we call optimality conditions … Read more

Second-order sufficient conditions for strong solutions to optimal control problems

In this report, given a reference feasible trajectory of an optimal control problem, we say that the quadratic growth property for bounded strong solutions holds if the cost function of the problem has a quadratic growth over the set of feasible trajectories with a bounded control and with a state variable sufficiently close to the … Read more

First and second order optimality conditions for optimal control problems of state constrained integral equations

This paper deals with optimal control problems of integral equations, with initial-final and running state constraints. The order of a running state constraint is defined in the setting of integral dynamics, and we work here with constraints of arbitrary high orders. First and second-order necessary conditions of optimality are obtained, as well as second-order sufficient … Read more