MIP-based heuristic for non-standard 3D-packing problems

This paper is the continuation of a previous work (Fasano 2004), dedicated to a MIP formulation for non-standard three-dimensional packing issues, with additional conditions. The Single Bin Packing problem (Basic Problem) is considered and its MIP formulation shortly surveyed, together with some possible extensions, including balancing, tetris-like items and non-standard domains. A MIP-based heuristic is … Read more

A MIP Approach for some Practical Packing Problems: Balancing Constraints and Tetris-like Items

This paper considers packing problems with balancing conditions and items consisting of clusters of parallelepipeds (mutually orthogonal, i.e. tetris-like items). This issue is quite frequent in space engineering and a real-world application deals with the Automated Transfer Vehicle project (funded by the European Space Agency), at present under development. A Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) approach … Read more