Solving non-monotone equilibrium problems via a DIRECT-type approach

A global optimization approach for solving non-monotone equilibrium problems (EPs) is proposed. The class of (regularized) gap functions is used to reformulate any EP as a constrained global optimization program and some bounds on the Lipschitz constant of such functions are provided. The proposed global optimization approach is a combination of an improved version of … Read more

How to Reach his Desires: Variational Rationality and the Equilibrium Problem on Hadamard Manifolds

In this paper we present a sufficient condition for the existence of a solution for an \mbox{equilibrium} problem on an Hadamard manifold and under suitable assumptions on the sectional curvature, we \mbox{propose} a framework for the convergence analysis of a proximal point algorithm to solve this equilibrium \mbox{problem}. Finally, we offer an application to the … Read more

Well-posedness for Lexicographic Vector Equilibrium Problems

We consider lexicographic vector equilibrium problems in metric spaces. Sufficient conditions for a family of such problems to be (uniquely) well-posed at the reference point are established. As an application, we derive several results on well-posedness for a class of variational inequalities. Citation Published in Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics (Vladimir Demyanov, Panos M. … Read more