A nested primal–dual FISTA-like scheme for composite convex optimization problems

We propose a nested primal–dual algorithm with extrapolation on the primal variable suited for minimizing the sum of two convex functions, one of which is continuously differentiable. The proposed algorithm can be interpreted as an inexact inertial forward–backward algorithm equipped with a prefixed number of inner primal–dual iterations for the proximal evaluation and a “warm–start” … Read more

New convergence results for the inexact variable metric forward-backward method

Forward–backward methods are valid tools to solve a variety of optimization problems where the objective function is the sum of a smooth, possibly nonconvex term plus a convex, possibly nonsmooth function. The corresponding iteration is built on two main ingredients: the computation of the gradient of the smooth part and the evaluation of the proximity … Read more

Convergence of Inexact Forward–Backward Algorithms Using the Forward–Backward Envelope

This paper deals with a general framework for inexact forward–backward algorithms aimed at minimizing the sum of an analytic function and a lower semicontinuous, subanalytic, convex term. Such framework relies on an implementable inexactness condition for the computation of the proximal operator, and a linesearch procedure which is possibly performed whenever a variable metric is … Read more