Projection methods in quantum information science

We consider the problem of constructing quantum operations or channels, if they exist, that transform a given set of quantum states $\{\rho_1, \dots, \rho_k\}$ to another such set $\{\hat\rho_1, \dots, \hat\rho_k\}$. In other words, we must find a {\em completely positive linear map}, if it exists, that maps a given set of density matrices to … Read more

A structural geometrical analysis of weakly infeasible SDPs

In this article, we present a geometric theoretical analysis of semidefinite feasibility problems (SDFPs). We introduce the concept of hyper feasible partitions and sub-hyper feasible directions, and show how they can be used to decompose SDFPs into smaller ones, in a way that preserves most feasibility properties of the original problem. With this technique, we … Read more