The Mixing-MIR Set with Divisible Capacities

We study the set $S = \{(x, y) \in \Re_{+} \times Z^{n}: x + B_{j} y_{j} \geq b_{j}, j = 1, \ldots, n\}$, where $B_{j}, b_{j} \in \Re_{+} – \{0\}$, $j = 1, \ldots, n$, and $B_{1} | \cdots | B_{n}$. The set $S$ generalizes the mixed-integer rounding (MIR) set of Nemhauser and Wolsey and … Read more

The polar of a simple mixed-integer set

We study the convex hull $P$ of the set $S = \{(x, y) \in \Re_{+} \times Z^{n}: x + B_{i} y_{ij} \geq b_{ij}, j \in N_{i}, i \in M\}$, where $M = \{1, \ldots, m\}$, $N_{i} = \{1, \ldots, n_{i}\}$ $\forall i \in M$, $\sum_{i = 1}^{m}n_{i} = n$, and $B_{1} | \cdots | B_{m}$. … Read more