Benders decomposition for Network Design Covering Problems

We consider two covering variants of the network design problem. We are given a set of origin/destination(O/D) pairs and each such O/D pair is covered if there exists a path in the network from the origin to the destination whose length is not larger than a given threshold. In the first problem, called the maximal covering network design problem, one must determine a network that maximizes the total demand of the covered O/D pairs subject to a budget constraint on the design costs of the network. In the second problem, called the partial covering network design problem, the design cost is minimized while a lower bound is set on the total demand covered.After presenting formulations, we develop a Benders decomposition approach to solve the problems. Further, we consider two different stabilization methods to determine the Benders cuts as well as the addition of cut-set inequalities to the master problem. Computational experiments show the efficiency of these different aspects


Bucarey, V., Fortz, B., Gonzalez-Blanco, N., Labbé, M., & Mesa, J.A., (2020) Benders decomposition for Network Design Covering Problems.



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