Multilinear Sets with Two Monomials and Cardinality Constraints

Binary polynomial optimization is equivalent to the problem of minimizing a linear function over the intersection of the multilinear set with a polyhedron. Many families of valid inequalities for the multilinear set are available in the literature, though giving a polyhedral characterization of the convex hull is not tractable in general as binary polynomial optimization is NP-hard. In this paper, we study the cardinality constrained multilinear set in the special case when the number of monomials is exactly two. We give an extended formulation, with two more auxiliary variables and exponentially many inequalities, of the convex hull of solutions of the standard linearization of this problem. We also show that the separation problem can be solved efficiently.


Chen, Rui, Sanjeeb Dash and Oktay Günlük, “Multilinear Sets with Two Monomials and Cardinality Constraints”, Discrete Applied Mathematics, accepted