Optimal threshold classification characteristics

This study looks at the application of mathematical concepts of entropy and Fibonacci sequence in creating optimal dimensional relations of classification character. The paper is devoted to optimization of some numerical relations and integers as unified threshold characteristics of classification type, aimed for example at systemic optimizing the measuring information of various processes. The paper … Read more

Perfect dimensional ratios and optimality of some empirical numerical standards

Experience and observations often underlie some widely used numerical characteristics. The problem is in the extent to which such characteristics are optimal. The paper presents results of theoretical analysis of the most frequently used numerical characteristics regarding the number of classes in classification systems, of the base of the number system, and of the level … Read more

Principle of optimal accuracy classification for metrological purposes

The conceptions of optimizing a quantitative classification hierarchy and the criterion of informational optimality have been used for modeling universal accuracy classification scale. Proposed model is based on test uncertainty ratios determined in conformity with optimal levels of confidence in evaluating measurement uncertainty, as well as on the optimal classification structure. The author believes that … Read more

Informational validity of Fechtner’s experiments outcomes

All manifestations of dimensional harmony in nature and human practice are being always characterized by deviations from golden ratio that often makes their acceptance problematic. On the example of Fechner’s experiments the paper discusses the way of solving this problem, based on informational approach, according to which the informatively optimal permissible deviation from dimensional harmony … Read more

Informatively optimal levels of confidence for mesurement uncertainty

The conception of dimensional perfection and based on principles of qualimetry and information theory the criterion of informational optimality have been used for analyzing modeling functions of measurement. By means of variances of uncertainty contributions, transformed into their relative weights, the possibility of determining informatively rational and optimal levels of confidence for expanded uncertainty has … Read more