Robust optimization criteria: state-of-the-art and new issues

Uncertain parameters appear in many optimization problems raised by real-world applications. To handle such problems, several approaches to model uncertainty are available, such as stochastic programming and robust optimization. This study is focused on robust optimization, in particular, the criteria to select and determine a robust solution. We provide an overview on robust optimization criteria … Read more

Solving large p-median problems using a Lagrangean heuristic

The p-median problem consists in locating p medians in a given graph, such that the total cost of assigning each demand to the closest median is minimized. In this work, a Lagrangean heuristic is proposed and it uses two dual information to build primal solutions. It outperforms a classic heuristic based on the same Lagrangean … Read more

Modeling the Mobile Oil Recovery Problem as a Multiobjective Vehicle Routing Problem

The Mobile Oil Recovery (MOR) unit is a truck able to pump marginal wells in a petrol field. The goal of the MOR optimization Problem (MORP) is to optimize both the oil extraction and the travel costs. We describe several formulations for the MORP using a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. We have … Read more