Improving Robust Rolling Stock Circulation in Rapid Transit Networks

The routing of the rolling stock depends strongly on the rolling stock assignment to di erent opera- tions and the shunting schedule. Therefore, the integration of these decision making is justi ed and is appropriate to introduce robustness in the model. We propose a new approach to obtain better circula- tions of the rolling stock material, solving … Read more

Stochastic approaches for solving Rapid Transit Network Design models with random demand

We address rapid transit network design problems characterized by uncertainty in the input data. Network design has a determinant impact on the future e ective- ness of the system. Design decisions are made with a great degree of uncertainty about the conditions under which the system will be required to operate. The de- mand is one … Read more


A mathematical programming model for assessing the design of an optimal airport topology is presented herein. It takes into account the efficient and safe taxiing of aircraft on the ground. We balance a set of conflicting factors that depend directly on aircraft trajectories on the ground, such as the number of arriving and departing flights … Read more