A study of rank-one sets with linear side constraints and application to the pooling problem

We study sets defined as the intersection of a rank-1 constraint with different choices of linear side constraints. We identify different conditions on the linear side constraints, under which the convex hull of the rank-1 set is polyhedral or second-order cone representable. In all these cases, we also show that a linear objective can be … Read more

The convex hull of a quadratic constraint over a polytope

A quadratically constrained quadratic program (QCQP) is an optimization problem in which the objective function is a quadratic function and the feasible region is defined by quadratic constraints. Solving non-convex QCQP to global optimality is a well-known NP-hard problem and a traditional approach is to use convex relaxations and branch-and-bound algorithms. This paper makes a … Read more

New SOCP relaxation and branching rule for bipartite bilinear programs

A bipartite bilinear program (BBP) is a quadratically constrained quadratic optimization problem where the variables can be partitioned into two sets such that fixing the variables in any one of the sets results in a linear program. We propose a new second order cone representable (SOCP) relaxation for BBP, which we show is stronger than … Read more

Some cut-generating functions for second-order conic sets

In this paper, we study cut generating functions for conic sets. Our first main result shows that if the conic set is bounded, then cut generating functions for integer linear programs can easily be adapted to give the integer hull of the conic integer program. Then we introduce a new class of cut generating functions … Read more