Variable Smoothing for Weakly Convex Composite Functions

We study minimization of a structured objective function, being the sum of a smooth function and a composition of a weakly convex function with a linear operator. Applications include image reconstruction problems with regularizers that introduce less bias than the standard convex regularizers. We develop a variable smoothing algorithm, based on the Moreau envelope with … Read more

Variable smoothing for convex optimization problems using stochastic gradients

We aim to solve a structured convex optimization problem, where a nonsmooth function is composed with a linear operator. When opting for full splitting schemes, usually, primal-dual type methods are employed as they are effective and also well studied. However, under the additional assumption of Lipschitz continuity of the nonsmooth function which is composed with … Read more

An incremental mirror descent subgradient algorithm with random sweeping and proximal step

We investigate the convergence properties of incremental mirror descent type subgradient algorithms for minimizing the sum of convex functions. In each step we only evaluate the subgradient of a single component function and mirror it back to the feasible domain, which makes iterations very cheap to compute. The analysis is made for a randomized selection … Read more