A Tailored Derivative Instrument to Mitigate the Price-and-Quantity Risk faced by Wind Power Companies

The intermittent nature of wind generation combined with the well-known volatility of electricity spot prices expose Wind Power Companies (WPCs) committed to long-term forward contracts to the so-called price-and-quantity risk. Several instruments were designed in the past years to mitigate this risk exposure. However, most of them were mainly constructed to cope with only one … Read more

Fleet planning under demand uncertainty: a reinforcement learning approach

This work proposes a model-free reinforcement learning approach to learn a long-term fleet planning problem subjected to air-travel demand uncertainty. The aim is to develop a dynamic fleet policy that adapts over time by intermediate assessments of the states. A Deep Q-network is trained to estimate the optimal fleet decisions based on the airline and … Read more

Dynamic Design Of Reserve Crew Duties For Long Haul Airline Crew

Airlines need crew to operate their flights. In case of crew unavailability, for example due to illness, the airline often uses reserve crew to still be able to operate the flight. In this paper, we apply a simulation-based optimization method to determine how much and on which days reserve crew needs to be scheduled. This … Read more