DSDP4 Software User Guide

DSDP4 is an implementation of the dual-scaling algorithm for semidefinite program ming. New features in this version include a Lanczos procedure for determining the step size, more precise primal solutions, a parallel solver, and improved performance on the standard test suites. Citation ANL/MCS-TM-255; Mathematics and Computer Science Division; Argonne National Laboratory; Argonne, IL; March 2002 … Read more

Parallel Computing on Semidefinite Programs

This paper demonstrates how interior-point methods can use multiple processors efficiently to solve large semidefinite programs that arise in VLSI design, control theory, and graph coloring. Previous implementations of these methods have been restricted to a single processor. By computing and solving the Schur complement matrix in parallel, multiple processors enable the faster solution of … Read more

GPCG: A case study in the performance and scalability of optimization algorithms

GPCG is an algorithm within the Toolkit for Advanced Optimization (TAO) for solving bound constrained, convex quadratic problems. Originally developed by More’ and Toraldo, this algorithm was designed for large-scale problems but had been implemented only for a single processor. The TAO implementation is available for a wide range of high-performance architecture, and has been … Read more