Performance Analysis of Content-Centric and Content-Delivery Networks with Evolving Object Popularity

The Internet is currently mostly exploited as a means to perform massive digital content distribution. Such a usage profile was not specifically taken into account while initially designing the architecture of the network: as a matter of fact, the Internet was instead conceived around the concept of host-to-host communications between two remote machines. To solve … Read more

A Security Framework for Smart Metering with Multiple Data Consumers

The increasing diffusion of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) has raised many concerns about the protection of personal data related to energy, water or gas consumption, from which details about the habits of the users can be inferred. On the other hand, aggregated measurements about consumption are crucial for several goals, including resource provisioning, forecasting, and … Read more

Energy Savings in Wireless Mesh Networks in a Time-Variable Context

Energy consumption of communication systems is becoming a fundamental issue and, among all the sectors, wireless access networks are largely responsible for the in- crease in consumption. In addition to the access segment, wireless technologies are also gaining popularity for the back- haul infrastructure of cellular systems mainly due to their cost and easy deployment. … Read more