An effective version of Schmüdgen’s Positivstellensatz for the hypercube

Let S be a compact semialgebraic set and let f be a polynomial nonnegative on S. Schmüdgen’s Positivstellensatz then states that for any \eta>0, the nonnegativity of f+\eta on S can be certified by expressing f+\eta as a conic combination of products of the polynomials that occur in the inequalities defining S, where the coefficients … Read more

Performance Analysis of Content-Centric and Content-Delivery Networks with Evolving Object Popularity

The Internet is currently mostly exploited as a means to perform massive digital content distribution. Such a usage profile was not specifically taken into account while initially designing the architecture of the network: as a matter of fact, the Internet was instead conceived around the concept of host-to-host communications between two remote machines. To solve … Read more

The Subset Sum Game

In this work we address a game theoretic variant of the Subset Sum problem, in which two decision makers (agents/players) compete for the usage of a common resource represented by a knapsack capacity. Each agent owns a set of integer weighted items and wants to maximize the total weight of its own items included in … Read more