A Derivative-Free Trust-Region Algorithm for the Optimization of Functions Smoothed via Gaussian Convolution Using Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling

In this paper we consider the optimization of a functional $F$ defined as the co nvolution of a function $f$ with a Gaussian kernel. We propose this type of objective function for the optimization of the output of complex computational simulations, which often present some form of deterministic noise and need to be smoothed for … Read more

Parameter-free Sampled Fictitious Play for Solving Deterministic Dynamic Programming Problems

To facilitate fast solution of deterministic dynamic programming problems, we present a parameter-free variation of the Sampled Fictitious Play (SFP) algorithm. Its random tie-braking procedure imparts a natural randomness to the algorithm which prevents it from “getting stuck” at a local optimal solution and allows the discovery of an optimal path in a finite number … Read more