Improved compact formulations for graph partitioning in sparse graphs

Given a graph $G=(V,E)$ where $|V|=n$ and $|E|=m$. Graph partitioning problems on $G$ are to find a partition of the vertices in $V$ into clusters satisfying several additional constraints in order to minimize or maximize the number (or the weight) of the edges whose endnodes do not belong to the same cluster. These problems are … Read more

Approximating the minimum directed tree cover

Given a directed graph $G$ with non negative cost on the arcs, a directed tree cover of $G$ is a directed tree such that either head or tail (or both of them) of every arc in $G$ is touched by $T$. The minimum directed tree cover problem (DTCP) is to find a directed tree cover … Read more

Approximating the asymmetric profitable tour

We study the version of the asymmetric prize collecting traveling salesman problem, where the objective is to find a directed tour that visits a subset of vertices such that the length of the tour plus the sum of penalties associated with vertices not in the tour is as small as possible. In \cite{Amico}, the authors … Read more

An exact algorithm for solving the ring star problem

This paper deals with the ring star problem that consists in designing a ring that pass through a central depot, and then assigning each non visited customer to a node of the ring. The objective is to minimize the total routing and assignment costs. A new chain based formulation is proposed. Valid inequalities are proposed … Read more

Approximation algorithms for metric tree cover and generalized tour and tree covers

Given a weighted undirected graph $G=(V,E)$, a tree (respectively tour) cover of an edge-weighted graph is a set of edges which forms a tree (resp. closed walk) and covers every other edge in the graph. The tree (resp. tour) cover problem is of finding a minimum weight tree (resp. tour) cover of $G$. Arkin, Halld\’orsson … Read more