Optimizing Drone-Assisted Last-Mile Deliveries: The Vehicle Routing Problem with Flexible Drones

The ever-widening acceptance and deployment of drones in last-mile distribution continue to increase the need for planning and managing the delivery operations involving drones effectively. Motivated by the growing interest towards drone-assisted last-mile transportation, we study a hybrid delivery system in which (multiple) trucks and (multiple) drones operate in tandem. In particular, we introduce the … Read more

A Robust Rolling Horizon Framework for Empty Repositioning

Naturally imbalanced freight flows force consolidation carriers to reposition resources empty. When constructing empty repositioning plans, the cost of repositioning resources empty needs to be weighed against the cost of corrective actions in case of unavailable resources. This is especially challenging given the uncertainty of future demand. We design and implement a robust rolling horizon … Read more

Scenario Set Partition Dual Bounds for Multistage Stochastic Programming: A Hierarchy of Bounds and a Partition Sampling Approach

We consider multistage stochastic programming problems in which the random parameters have finite support, leading to optimization over a finite scenario set. We propose a hierarchy of bounds based on partitions of the scenario set into subsets of (nearly) equal cardinality. These expected partition (EP) bounds coincide with EGSO bounds provided by Sandikci et al. … Read more