Decision Rule Bounds for Two-Stage Stochastic Bilevel Programs

We study stochastic bilevel programs where the leader chooses a binary here-and-now decision and the follower responds with a continuous wait-and-see-decision. Using modern decision rule approximations, we construct lower bounds on an optimistic version and upper bounds on a pessimistic version of the leader’s problem. Both bounding problems are equivalent to explicit mixed-integer linear programs … Read more

Robust Dual Response Optimization

This article presents a robust optimization reformulation of the dual response problem developed in response surface methodology. The dual response approach fits separate models for the mean and the variance, and analyzes these two models in a mathematical optimization setting. We use metamodels estimated from experiments with both controllable and environmental inputs. These experiments may … Read more

Safe Approximations of Chance Constraints Using Historical Data

This paper proposes a new way to construct uncertainty sets for robust optimization. Our approach uses the available historical data for the uncertain parameters and is based on goodness-of-fit statistics. It guarantees that the probability that the uncertain constraint holds is at least the prescribed value. Compared to existing safe approximation methods for chance constraints, … Read more

Adjustable Robust Parameter Design with Unknown Distributions

This article presents a novel combination of robust optimization developed in mathematical programming, and robust parameter design developed in statistical quality control. Robust parameter design uses metamodels estimated from experiments with both controllable and environmental inputs (factors). These experiments may be performed with either real or simulated systems; we focus on simulation experiments. For the … Read more