A Polyhedral Study of Two-Period Relaxations for Big-Bucket Lot-Sizing Problems: Zero Setup Case

In this paper, we investigate the two-period subproblems proposed by Akartunal{\i} et al. (2014) for big-bucket lot-sizing problems, which have shown a great potential for obtaining strong bounds for these problems. In particular, we study the polyhedral structure of the mixed integer sets related to two relaxations of these subproblems for the special case of … Read more

Local Cuts and Two-Period Convex Hull Closures for Big-Bucket Lot-Sizing Problems

Despite the significant attention they have drawn, big bucket lot-sizing problems remain notoriously difficult to solve. Previous work of Akartunali and Miller (2012) presented results (computational and theoretical) indicating that what makes these problems difficult are the embedded single-machine, single-level, multi-period submodels. We therefore consider the simplest such submodel, a multi-item, two-period capacitated relaxation that … Read more

A unified mixed-integer programming model for simultaneous fluence weight and aperture optimization in VMAT, Tomotherapy, and Cyberknife

In this paper, we propose and study a unified mixed-integer programming model that simultaneously optimizes fluence weights and multi-leaf collimator (MLC) apertures in the treatment planning optimization of VMAT, Tomotherapy, and CyberKnife. The contribution of our model is threefold: i. Our model optimizes the fluence and MLC apertures simultaneously for a given set of control … Read more

A Computational Analysis of Lower Bounds for Big Bucket Production Planning Problems

In this paper, we analyze a variety of approaches to obtain lower bounds for multi-level production planning problems with big bucket capacities, i.e., problems in which multiple items compete for the same resources. We give an extensive survey of both known and new methods, and also establish relationships between some of these methods that, to … Read more

A Heuristic Approach for Big Bucket Production Planning Problems

Multi-level production planning problems in which multiple items compete for the same resources frequently occur in practice, yet remain daunting in their difficulty to solve. In this paper we propose a heuristic framework that can generate high quality feasible solutions quickly for various kinds of lot-sizing problems. In addition, unlike many other heuristics, it generates … Read more