Periodical Multistage Stochastic Programs

In some applications the considered multistage stochastic programs have a periodical behavior. We show that in such cases it is possible to drastically reduce the number of stages by introducing a periodical analog of the so-called Bellman equations for discounted infinite horizon problems, used in Markov Decision Processes and Stochastic Optimal Control. Furthermore, we describe … Read more

A Python package for multi-stage stochastic programming

This paper presents a Python package to solve multi-stage stochastic linear programs (MSLP) and multi-stage stochastic integer programs (MSIP). Algorithms based on an extensive formulation and Stochastic Dual Dynamic (Integer) Programming (SDDP/SDDiP) method are implemented. The package is synthetically friendly and has a number of features which are not available in the competing software packages. … Read more