Appointment Scheduling for Medical Diagnostic Centers considering Time-sensitive Pharmaceuticals: A Dynamic Robust Optimization Approach

This paper studies optimal criteria for the appointment scheduling of outpatients in a medical imaging center. The main goal of this study is to coordinate the assignments of radiopharmaceuticals and the scheduling of outpatients on imaging scanners. We study a special case of a molecular imaging center that offers services for various diagnostic procedures for … Read more

Migration from Sequence to Schedule in Total Earliness and Tardiness Scheduling Problem

Services must be delivered with high punctuality to be competitive. The classical scheduling theory offers to minimize the total earliness and tardiness of jobs to deliver punctual services. In this study, we developed a fully polynomial-time optimal algorithm to transform a given sequence, the permutation of jobs, into its corresponding minimum cost schedule, the timing … Read more

Minimizing Total Earliness and Tardiness with Periodically Supplied Non-renewable Resource Profiles

We consider a special class of resource-constrained single machine scheduling problems. In the classical scheduling context, resource types are classi ed into renewable and non-renewable; however, a large variety of real-world problems may not fit into one of these classes, e.g., labor regulations in project scheduling, budget allocation to different phases of a construction project, and … Read more