A Separation Heuristic for 2-Partition Inequalities for the Clique Partitioning Problem

We consider the class of 2-partition inequalities for the clique partitioning problem associated with complete graphs. We propose a heuristic separation algorithm for the inequalities and evaluate its usefulness in a cutting-plane algorithm. Our computational experiments fall into two parts. In the first part, we compare the LP objective values obtained by the proposed separator … Read more

Facets for Node-Capacitated Multicut Polytopes from Path-Block Cycles with Two Common Nodes

A path-block cycle is a graph that consists of several cycles that all intersect in a common subset of nodes. The associated path-block-cycle inequalities are valid, and sometimes facet-defining, inequalities for polytopes in connection with graph partitioning problems and corresponding multicut problems. Special cases of the inequalities were introduced by De Souza & Laurent (1995) … Read more

Binary positive semidefinite matrices and associated integer polytopes

We consider the positive semidefinite (psd) matrices with binary entries, along with the corresponding integer polytopes. We begin by establishing some basic properties of these matrices and polytopes. Then, we show that several families of integer polytopes in the literature — the cut, boolean quadric, multicut and clique partitioning polytopes — are faces of binary … Read more