An exact algorithm to find non-dominated facets of Tri-Objective MILPs

Many problems in real life have more than one decision criterion, referred to as multi-objective optimization (MOO) problems, and the objective functions of these problems are conflicting in most cases. Hence, finding non-dominated solutions is very critical for decision making process. Tri-objective mixed-integer linear programs (TOMILP) are an important subclass of MOOs that are applicable … Read more

Modeling and Simulation of Metabolic Networks for Estimation of Biomass Accumulation Parameters

Metabolic networks are defined as the collection of biochemical reactions within a cell that define the functions of that cell. Due to the growing need to understand the functions of biological organisms for industrial and medical purposes, modeling and simulation of metabolic networks has attracted a lot of attention recently. Traditionally, metabolic networks are modeled … Read more

A Mixed-Integer Programming Approach to Multi-Class Data Classification Problem

This paper presents a new data classification method based on mixed-integer programming. Traditional approaches that are based on partitioning the data sets into two groups perform poorly for multi-class data classification problems. The proposed approach is based on the use of hyper-boxes for defining boundaries of the classes that include all or some of the … Read more


Energy, a fundamental entity of modern life, is usually produced using fossil fuels as the primary raw material. A consequence of burning fossil fuels is the emission of environmentally harmful substances. Energy production systems generate steam and electricity that are served to different process customers to satisfy their energy requirement. The improvement of economical and … Read more