Robust capacity expansion solutions for telecommunication networks with uncertain demands

We consider the capacity planning of telecommunication networks with linear investment costs and uncertain future traffic demands. Transmission capacities must be large enough to meet, with a high quality of service, the range of possible demands, after adequate routings of messages on the created network. We use the robust optimization methodology to balance the need … Read more

Solving chance-constrained combinatorial problems to optimality

The aim of this paper is to provide new efficient methods for solving general chance-constrained integer linear programs to optimality. Valid linear inequalities are given for these problems. They are proved to characterize properly the set of solutions. They are based on a specific scenario, whose definition impacts strongly on the quality of the linear … Read more

Tractable algorithms for chance-constrained combinatorial problems

This paper aims at proposing tractable algorithms to find effectively good solutions to large size chance-constrained combinatorial problems. A new robust model is introduced to deal with uncertainty in mixed-integer linear problems. It is shown to be strongly related to chance-constrained programming when considering pure 0-1 problems. Furthermore, its tractability is highlighted. Then, an optimization … Read more

Polyhedral aspects of a robust knapsack problem

While dealing with uncertainty in linear programs, the robust optimization framework proposed by Bertsimas and Sim appears as relevant. In particular, it can readily be extended for integer linear programming. This paper outlines the polyhedral impacts of this robust model for the 0-1 knapsack problem. It shows especially how the classical cover cuts can be … Read more

A robust approach to the chance-constrained knapsack problem

Chance-constrained programming is a relevant model for many concrete problems. However, it is known to be very hard to tackle directly. In this paper, the chance-constrained knapsack problem (CKP) is addressed. Relying on the recent advances in robust optimization, a tractable combinatorial algorithm is proposed to solve CKP. It always provides feasible solutions for CKP. … Read more