Dendrograms, Minimum Spanning Trees and Feature Selection

Feature selection is a fundamental process to avoid overfitting and to reduce the size of databases without significant loss of information that applies to hierarchical clustering. Dendrograms are graphical representations of hierarchical clustering algorithms that for single linkage clustering can be interpreted as minimum spanning trees in the complete network defined by the database. In … Read more

On Linear Bilevel Optimization Problems with Complementarity-Constrained Lower Levels

We consider a novel class of linear bilevel optimization models with a lower level that is a linear program with complementarity constraints (LPCC). We present different single-level reformulations depending on whether the linear complementarity problem (LCP) as part of the lower-level constraint set depends on the upper-level decisions or not as well as on whether … Read more

Solving Binary-Constrained Mixed Complementarity Problems Using Continuous Reformulations

Mixed complementarity problems are of great importance in practice since they appear in various fields of applications like energy markets, optimal stopping, or traffic equilibrium problems. However, they are also very challenging due to their inherent, nonconvex structure. In addition, recent applications require the incorporation of integrality constraints. Since complementarity problems often model some kind … Read more