Solving Binary-Constrained Mixed Complementarity Problems Using Continuous Reformulations

Mixed complementarity problems are of great importance in practice since they appear in various fields of applications like energy markets, optimal stopping, or traffic equilibrium problems. However, they are also very challenging due to their inherent, nonconvex structure. In addition, recent applications require the incorporation of integrality constraints. Since complementarity problems often model some kind … Read more

Computational Optimization of Gas Compressor Stations: MINLP Models vs. Continuous Reformulations

When considering cost-optimal operation of gas transport networks, compressor stations play the most important role. Proper modeling of these stations leads to complicated mixed-integer nonlinear and nonconvex optimization problems. In this article, we give an isothermal and stationary description of compressor stations, state MINLP and GDP models for operating a single station, and discuss several … Read more