Solving Multiplicative Programs by Binary-encoding the Multiplication Operation

Multiplicative programs in the form of maximization and/or minimization have numerous applications in conservation planning, game theory, and multi-objective optimization settings. In practice, multiplicative programs are challenging to solve because of their multiplicative objective function (a product of continuous or integer variables). These challenges are twofold: 1. As the number of factors in the objective … Read more

Exact Solution Approaches for Integer Linear Generalized Maximum Multiplicative Programs Through the Lens of Multi-objective Optimization

We study a class of single-objective nonlinear optimization problems, the so-called Integer Linear Generalized Maximum Multiplicative Programs (IL-GMMP). This class of optimization problems has a significant number of applications in different fields of study including but not limited to game theory, systems reliability, and conservative planning. An IL-GMMP can be reformulated as a mixed integer … Read more