Irreducible elements of the copositive cone

An element $A$ of the $n \times n$ copositive cone $\copos{n}$ is called irreducible with respect to the nonnegative cone~$\NNM{n}$ if it cannot be written as a nontrivial sum $A = C+N$ of a copositive matrix $C$ and an elementwise nonnegative matrix $N$. This property was studied by Baumert~\cite{Baumert65} who gave a characterisation of irreducible … Read more

On the Computational Complexity of Membership Problems for the Completely Positive Cone and its Dual

Copositive programming has become a useful tool in dealing with all sorts of optimisation problems. It has however been shown by Murty and Kabadi [K.G. Murty and S.N. Kabadi, Some NP-complete problems in quadratic and nonlinear programming, Mathematical Programming, 39, no.2:117–129, 1987] that the strong membership problem for the copositive cone, that is deciding whether … Read more