Minimizing the difference of convex and weakly convex functions via bundle method

We consider optimization problems with objective and constraint being the difference of convex and weakly convex functions. This framework covers a vast family of nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems, particularly those involving Difference-of-Convex (DC) functions with known DC decomposition, functions whose gradient is Lipschitz continuous, as well as problems that comprise certain classes of composite … Read more

Pump scheduling in drinking water distribution networks with an LP/NLP-based branch and bound

This paper offers a novel approach for computing globally optimal solutions to the pump scheduling problem in drinking water distribution networks. A tight integer linear relaxation of the original non-convex formulation is devised and solved by branch and bound where integer nodes are investigated through non-linear programming to check the satisfaction of the non-convex constraints … Read more

A bundle method for nonsmooth DC programming with application to chance-constrained problems

This work considers nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems whose objective and constraint functions are defined by difference-of-convex (DC) functions. We consider an infeasible bundle method based on the so-called improvement functions to compute critical points for problems of this class. Our algorithm neither employs penalization techniques nor solves subproblems with linearized constraints. The approach, which … Read more