Minimizing the difference of convex and weakly convex functions via bundle method

We consider optimization problems with objective and constraint being the difference of convex and weakly convex functions. This framework covers a vast family of nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems, particularly those involving Difference-of-Convex (DC) functions with known DC decomposition, functions whose gradient is Lipschitz continuous, as well as problems that comprise certain classes of composite … Read more

An inexact successive quadratic approximation method for a class of difference-of-convex optimization problems

In this paper, we propose a new method for a class of difference-of-convex (DC) optimization problems, whose objective is the sum of a smooth function and a possibly non-prox-friendly DC function. The method sequentially solves subproblems constructed from a quadratic approximation of the smooth function and a linear majorization of the concave part of the … Read more

Clustering and Multifacility Location with Constraints via Distance Function Penalty Method and DC Programming

This paper is a continuation of our effort in using mathematical optimization involving DC programming in clustering and multifacility location. We study a penalty method based on distance functions and apply it particularly to a number of problems in clustering and multifacility location in which the centers to be found must lie in some given … Read more

A TVSCAD approach for image deblurring with impulsive noise

We consider image deblurring problem in the presence of impulsive noise. It is known that \emph{total variation} (TV) regularization with L1-norm penalized data fitting (TVL1 for short) works reasonably well only when the level of impulsive noise is relatively low. For high level impulsive noise, TVL1 works poorly. The reason is that all data, both … Read more

On globally solving the maximum weighted clique problem

In this paper, we consider a combinatorial optimization problem, the Maximum Weighted Clique Problem (MWCP), a NP-hard problem. The considered problem is first formulated in the form of binary constrained quadratic program and then reformulated as a Difference Convex (DC) program. A global optimal solution is found by applying DC Algorithm (DCA) in combining with … Read more

Conic separation of finite sets: The non-homogeneous case

We address the issue of separating two finite sets in $\mathbb{R}^n $ by means of a suitable revolution cone $$ \Gamma (z,y,s)= \{x \in \mathbb{R}^n :\, s\,\Vert x-z\Vert – y^T(x-z)=0\}.$$ One has to select the aperture coefficient $s$, the axis $y$, and the apex $z$ in such a way as to meet certain optimal separation … Read more

Locating a competitive facility in the plane with a robustness criterion

A new continuous location model is presented and embedded in the literature on robustness in facility location. The multimodality of the model is investigated, and a branch and bound method based on dc optimization is described. Numerical experience is reported, showing that the developed method allows one to solve in a few seconds problems with … Read more