A branch and cut algorithm for minimum spanning trees under conflict constraints

We study approaches for the exact solution of the \NP–hard minimum spanning tree problem under conflict constraints. Given a graph $G(V,E)$ and a set $C \subset E \times E$ of conflicting edge pairs, the problem consists of finding a conflict-free minimum spanning tree, i.e. feasible solutions are allowed to include at most one of the … Read more

Heuristics for the mirrored traveling tournament problem

Professional sports leagues are a major economic activity around the world. Teams and leagues do not want to waste their investments in players and structure in consequence of poor schedules of games.Game scheduling is a difficult task, involving several decision makers, different types of constraints, and multiple objectives to optimize. The Traveling Tournament Problem abstracts … Read more

An application of integer programming to playoff elimination in football championships

Football is the most followed and practiced sport in Brazil, with a major economic importance. Thousands of jobs depend directly from the activity of the football teams. The Brazilian national football championship is followed by millions of people, who attend the games in the stades, follow radio and TV transmissions, and check newspapers, radio, TV, … Read more