Polyhedral-based Methods for Mixed-Integer SOCP in Tree Breeding

Optimal contribution selection (OCS) is a mathematical optimization problem that aims to maximize the total benefit from selecting a group of individuals under a constraint on genetic diversity. We are specifically focused on OCS as applied to forest tree breeding, when selected individuals will contribute equally to the gene pool. Since the diversity constraint in … Read more

Conic relaxation approaches for equal deployment problems

An important problem in the breeding of livestock, crops, and forest trees is the optimum of selection of genotypes that maximizes genetic gain. The key constraint in the optimal selection is a convex quadratic constraint that ensures genetic diversity, therefore, the optimal selection can be cast as a second-order cone programming (SOCP) problem. Yamashita et … Read more

An efficient second-order cone programming approach for optimal selection in tree breeding

An important problem in tree breeding is optimal selection from candidate pedigree members to produce the highest performance in seed orchards, while conserving essential genetic diversity. The most beneficial members should contribute as much as possible, but such selection of orchard parents would reduce performance of the orchard progeny due to serious inbreeding. To avoid … Read more