The divergence of the BFGS and the Gauss Newton Methods

We present examples of divergence for the BFGS and Gauss Newton methods. These examples have objective functions with bounded level sets and other properties concerning the examples published recently in this journal, like unit steps and convexity along the search lines. As these other examples, the iterates, function values and gradients in the new examples … Read more

A Newton’s method for the continuous quadratic knapsack problem

We introduce a new efficient method to solve the continuous quadratic knapsack problem. This is a highly structured quadratic program that appears in different contexts. The method converges after O(n) iterations with overall arithmetic complexity O(n²). Numerical experiments show that in practice the method converges in a small number of iterations with overall linear complexity, … Read more

On the divergence of line search methods

We discuss the convergence of line search methods for minimization. We explain how Newton’s method and the BFGS method can fail even if the restrictions of the objective function to the search lines are strictly convex functions, the level sets of the objective functions are compact, the line searches are exact and the Wolfe conditions … Read more