On the use of the simplex method for a type of allocation problems

In this study we discuss the use of the simplex method to solve allocation problems whose flow matrices are doubly stochastic. Although these problems can be solved via a 0-1 integer programming method, H.W. Kuhn [4] suggested the use of linear programming in addition to the Hungarian method. Specifically, we use the Birkhoff’s theorem to … Read more

A short derivation of the Kuhn-Tucker conditions

The Kuhn-Tucker conditions have been used to derive many significant results in economics. However, thus far, their derivation has been a little bit troublesome. The author directly derives the Kuhn-Tucker conditions by applying a corollary of Farkas’s lemma under the Mangasarian-Fromovitz constraint qualification. Citation Discussion Paper Series A, No. 2011-234, Graduate School of Economics and … Read more

Nonsmooth Optimization for Production Theory

Production theory needs generalizations so that it can incorporate broader class of production functions. A generalized Hotelling’s lemma and a generalized Shephard’s lemma in economic theory, which are established in virtue of nonsmooth analysis under the assumption of upper semicontinuity on production functions. Continuity of factor inputs with respect to a change of the factor … Read more

Nonsmooth Quasiconcave Programming

This paper is devoted to optimality conditions for nonsmooth quasiconcave programming. Arrow and Enthoven (1961) formulate several economic problems into quasiconcave programming, and give a sufficient condition for smooth quasiconcave programming in their epoch-making and comprehensive paper. In this paper, generalized necessary and sufficient conditions for nonsmooth quasiconcave programming have been derived in terms of … Read more