On the use of the simplex method for a type of allocation problems

In this study we discuss the use of the simplex method to solve allocation problems whose flow matrices are doubly stochastic. Although these problems can be solved via a 0-1 integer programming method, H.W. Kuhn [4] suggested the use of linear programming in addition to the Hungarian method. Specifically, we use the Birkhoff’s theorem to … Read more

A Linear Programming Approach for the Least-Squares Protein Morphing Problem

This work addresses the computation of free-energy di fferences between protein conformations by using morphing (i.e., transformation) of a source conformation into a target conformation. To enhance the morph- ing procedure, we employ permutations of atoms; we transform atom n in the source conformation into atom \sigma(n) in the target conformation rather than directly transforming atom … Read more